Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Long Sleeve Saree Blouse

This is a very interesting phase for saree lovers, because the variety of blouse designs is impressively increasing. No more do we see people wearing the same old pattern of blouse for sarees. People are all-set to experiment with different patterns, be it the noodle strap, puff-sleeves, backless or the long sleeves.

There are many varieties of Long Sleeve Saree Blouses. There are transparent long sleeve blouse. On the cuff, heavy embroidered lace gives it the perfect royal look. The other pattern for long sleeve that looks amazing is the polka dots on the sleeve area.

Another cool way to wear a full sleeve blouse is to have netted long sleeve, this gives a nice delicate look to the wearer. Even lace material can look graceful on a long sleeve. For cotton type of cloth, bunch of cloth accumulated at the cuff area (churi) will look good too.

For those of you planning to try it out, just remember to carry it off well and you will surely have many heads turning back.


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